Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I file a claim?

We have a simple no hassle claims process at Elite Auto Protect. Simply call our claims department to get the process started. Our trained staff will guide you through the process in just a few short minutes.

+ Does my service plan cover the cost of parts and labor?

Your protection plan covers 100% of the costs for parts and labor for all claims processed through Elite Auto Protect.

+ Is there a deductible?

This depends on which service plan you have acquired. We offer plans with and without deductibles, please give us a call and to make sure you have the perfect service plan for your vehicle.

+ Does my vehicle need to be inspected?

As long as your vehicle is running fine on the day you purchase your service plan, you will not need an inspection.

+ Does the service plan transfer if I sell my vehicle?

Yes! Your vehicles service plan is transferable if you decide to part ways with your vehicle.

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